using xmpp

it’s like email but not really

if you didn’t know already, xmpp is an instant messaging protocol that let’s you talk to people on the internet, even if they’re using a different server than you.
to claim your account, run /var/scripts/xmpp-register, type in a password and you’re set!

giovanni@southlondon:/var/scripts$ /var/scripts/xmpp-register  
Creating account for giovanni
This script will create an XMPP account for you on 
Enter a password:
User successfully registered

now, you can use that xmpp address to log in using your favourite xmpp client. if you don’t have a favourite already, check out gajim for windows/linux or conversations on android.

our server is mostly compliant with the standards, so hopefully everything will work fine.

this article was lovingly written by cark and was last updated 2021-03-14
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