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this guide is split into three parts:


there are many many ways to connect to an SSH server on Windows, here’s a sample of some of them.

the fastest: via powershell

the fastest way to get started on south london using Windows is via Powershell. the latest versions of Windows 10 include an ssh binary that you can use to connect to servers such as southlondon.cc.

to connect, just open up a powershell window and type

ssh <your username>@southlondon.cc

if your keys are in a weird place, append -i <path to your private key> to make sure ssh can see them.
if you see a warning asking you to verify the fingerprint, just type ‘yes’ and it’ll connect you up to the server. congrats! you’re now connected to south london.

the unix-y-ist: cmder + git bash

getting cmder is pretty easy, just head on down to cmder.net and click ‘Download Full’. the full download includes Git Bash, which emulates the bash command line inside windows. just unzip the folder and double click Cmder.exe.

now just run this command to connect

ssh <your username>@southlondon.cc

if you haven’t already used cmder to generate your keys, you’ll need to append -i <path to your private key> to make sure ssh can see them.
say yes if it asks you to verify the fingerprint. if all goes well, you should be dumped into a prompt, you can now do whatever you need to do.

macOS and linux

crack open a terminal and run

ssh <your username>@southlondon.cc

if your ssh key is in a nonstandard place, you’ll also need to append -i <ssh private key path>.
good job! you’re in.

using the webterm

if you’re having trouble getting set up, you can use the webterm to login. just click webterm on the homepage and type in your username and password.

all finished?

just type exit or press CTRL+D to sever your connection.

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this article was lovingly written by cark and was last updated 2021-03-09
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