"frequently" asked questions

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signing up

what are these ssh key whatchamacallits that you speak of?

ssh keys are a method of authentication that the server can use to make sure you're actually you logging in, and not just some guy trying to get into your account. it works using magic and offers security that your bog-standard password simply can't provide. if you need to generate one, check out this handy guide! after you have one generated, you can use cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub to get your public key that you can paste into the signup email. (note: if your keys are stored somewhere else you'll need to change the second part to the path where they're located, but you probably knew that already).

wait, so why would i want to sign up this again?

mostly becuase
a) it's fun
b) it's a good practice zone if you're new to *nix operating systems and need somewhere to play around with things
c) we have a good community that can help you out if you're stuck.

account deletion etc.

how can i delete my account?

send an email to benclark006@outlook.com using the email that you used to sign up and say you want out, and i'll delete it.

can i request a copy of my data?

yes! send an email to benclark006@outlook.com and i'll send you a copy of your data within 14 days.


do you do email?

nope! email is a nightmare to setup and a nightmare to deal with, so i'm keeping it off the server for the foreseeable future.

how are you?

depends on when you're reading this